Resin Art Classes - 2 Part Series


Resin Art Classes - 2 Part Series

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I absolutely love working with resin. It adds depth, clarity and so much beauty to whatever it is poured on. The shiny-ness is like eye candy, nearly addictive to look at. It can be used on acrylic paint, alcohol inks, wood, plastic and more. 

Resin is very beautiful to look at, but it's definitely not easy to work with.
A 2-part process that takes several hours to perfect (plus curing time), it is sticky, bubbly and totally unforgiving if you make a mistake. It is unlike any other medium that I have ever used, but worth all of the hard work! 

THIS SUMMER, I will be opening up my studio to teach resin-art classes to 6 students only. The reason I am only teaching classes of 6 is that resin requires a lot of space to work with, special tools and equipment and a lot of attention and care. 


2-Weekend Workshop
3 hours each (6 hours total)
6 people max (for maximum learning!)
July 20th, 27th (Saturday) - 1 spot left
August 10th, 17th - 6 spots only

Resin Fundamentals:
Selecting the right brand
How to mix resin
How to pour resin on any size surface
How to create resin “walls” to keep resin on surface while it cures
How to properly cure resin
Troubleshooting curing issues
Repairing damaged surfaces

Using Resin in Art:
Mediums you can and can’t use with resin
How to tint resin
Creating a clear surface
Mixing paint mediums into resin
Using objects to create resin art (paper collage, flowers, stones, etc)

1. Resin Coasters (4 of them)
with your choice of:
Dried flower style or
Geode Style

2. Fine Art Pieces (2 pieces)
Two (2) 10”x10” art pieces that you can hang on your wall or give as gifts. These can be in any style that you choose (based on what we learn in the workshop)

Price: $319+ tax
Includes all supplies and hands-on learning in Natalie's Private Art Studio (Located in Fairfield, free parking)