My work is mostly informed by nature -- the richest source of energy that I experience. I feel that at the deepest level, all humans have a strong connection with the natural world and I have seen this over and over again in shared experiences of many types of people. For example, no matter who we are; time stops when we see a stunning sunset, the sound of a waterfall takes us beyond thought, or perhaps a gesture from an animal can capture the heart. Despite our differences, being in awe of these incredibly beautiful moments is something that is truly universal, and I believe that at the essence level, nothing is separate from the natural world. For me, that commonality is incredible, and very, very special. 

Right now is such a fragile time on our planet and with the perception I have, I think that on some level all humans are not only experiencing it's beauty, but also the chaos and decay, death and rebirth. That said, my artwork expresses the range of 'tones' which are entangled in natures cycles (including my own). Beauty for its own sake is worthy of our admiration, however, it's important to me as an artist that I capture more than just beauty. Rather than my art existing merely as an object to look at, I hope to connect the viewer's gaze with the various energies of our world.  This conversation manifests in both the intense abstract paintings that I do, and the softer fluid work as well. Each piece should evoke feeling and depth, and all of them together create a narrative on the dynamic force of nature itself.

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Natalie was influenced by the outdoors from early childhood, when she spent much of her time fishing, hiking and camping with her father. Her dedication to the natural world includes living in some of nature's most beautiful places, such as the Canadian Rockies (her birthplace), Kauai, Hawaii, and her current home, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She began her career in the arts as a professional Flamenco dancer under the direction of internationally acclaimed performer Fiona Malena (2004-2007). After an injury forced her to pivot, Natalie began experimenting with oil painting in abstraction (2009), and quickly realized her love for the visual arts. She has since studied various methods including acrylic glazing, fluid art and botanical drawing. 

In 2016, Natalie began working with resin and has received a tremendous response from collectors and the public at large. She currently works out of her studio in Victoria BC, Canada, with collectors throughout the US and Mexico as well.