This post is mostly about the images that I got when I took a solo escape to a remote, off-grid cabin, my car full of paint, brushes and canvasses, and a mission to seriously chill out. Some highlights from this 3 day session include the absence of human made noises filled instead by wild birds, dragonflies whizzing by my ears and a lot of frogs singing at night, under the stars. It all sounds cliche but it really did happen.

What left the biggest impression on me was this incredibly still body of water, so serene and that commanded my presence. While I  was mixing my paints I would gather water from the lake, telling myself that we were painting together. After the first day of painting,  I realized that the art was still a bit wet, so I had to leave the canvasses on the dock.  In the morning to my surprise, there were small pools of condensation from the lake left on the art. After initially thinking I had ruined them, I instead let the canvasses dry in the daytime sun and if you look at this series you can see the details that were created from that organic wet to dry process. This is an example of how I like to allow beauty and decay, and I tend to think that the final paintings have a piece of that time embedded in them, forever. 

The whole experience was pure magic.