I perceive an aliveness in everything, some type of force shaping experiences, objects, people, etc. My sense is that it is nature, or more precisely it's the energy of nature - whatever that is.  To me it feels like a vibrance that is always present; in beauty, in chaos... in all things. 

As a child I spent a lot of time outdoors with my father and I think it left an impression on me, not just on my senses but in my awareness of this energy that moves everything. Even today in a world where people are more insulated and the natural world is mostly contained, I believe that nature is the ultimate regulator. There is rarely a time when I am not tuned into that sense I have, it's always in my mental and emotional atmosphere. 

When I paint I loosely engage with what I'm doing, but more so I'm tuning in and expressing that sense of energy ... almost like how it feels to dance. Using movement, I often paint organic shapes and create asymmetrical compositions; evoking space for curiosity. I mix traditional with contemporary colours, and use visceral mediums and textures to create depth.  

My mother is from India and my father was born in Newfoundland, Canada, with a mix of Irish and Mi'kmaw first nation background. I think that ancestry is a powerful connection and I've made a practice of connecting with mine, so I suspect it also comes out in my art. 

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Natalie Brake is a Canadian Abstract Artist currently living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia (traditional Coast Salish, Nuu chah nulth, and Kwakiutl territory). Born in Calgary, Alberta, she began her career in the arts as a flamenco dancer under the direction of internationally acclaimed performer Fiona Malena (2004-2007). After an injury forced her to pivot, Natalie began experimenting with oil painting as an abstract expressionist, and over the following decade lived and worked as a painter in Japan, Mexico and Hawaii. Natalie has studied various art forms including acrylic glazing, fluid art and drawing. She is the curator of Contempo Fluids and Visual Arts at the Northern Quarter (Victoria, BC, 2018)

More recently, Natalie began working with epoxy resin and has received a tremendous response from collectors and the public at large. She currently works out of her studio in Victoria, BC, with collectors throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and the UK.